Yes, you read that right…both times; no need to pinch yourself. Rogers Centre has announced a new promotion that is starting this season, each level of the stadium will have a stand where everything is $5, including beer. Now, I know what you’re thinking, it’s probably a tiny Dixie cup of beer. Nope, it will be served in 12 ounce sizes. No word on what type of beer will be at the stands but, at this point, it’s a dream come true.


Toronto has had some of the most expensive beer in the league, according to this Business Insider article from a few years ago. The number next to the team name is the amount of ounces you get per beer. (Who wants to got to a Phillies game with me?!)

Here in Toronto, they also plan to have 6 loonie hot dog nights, starting April 2 and other promotions throughout the year as well.

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