When you think of the Academy Award winning record ‘Shallow,’ Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper automatically come to mind however, artists from different genres have taken on the power hit from ‘A Star Is Born.’  Some have performed duet-style like the original and others took on the solo approach.


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Check out the different ‘Shallow’ performances below.


During Kelly Clarkson’s Green Bay tour stop earlier this month, she took on the ‘Shallow’ hit and flawlessly killed it!  Kelly joked, “I don’t have a Bradley Cooper here, so I’m just holdin’ it down.  I hope I don’t suck, and if I do I hope [Gaga] doesn’t see it.” 




‘In honour of Oscar week,’ Nick Jonas posted a minute-long video on Instagram, performing his own rendition of ‘Shallow,’ guitar and all.



Gless cuties Lea Michele and Darren Criss sang ‘Shallow’ while on the second leg of their LMDC Tour.  They performed it for the first time in Las Vegas, with Lea saying, “This was my dream.”



Country rising stars Jimmie Allen and Abby Anderson kept to the original tune and even created a visual.



YouTuber cuties Boyce Avenue and Jennel Garcia made ‘Shallow’ into an acoustic hit.



Singer and pianist Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugh Schneider performed the most original cover of ‘Shallow’ by switching the order of verses and dropping in a chorus.



Brian Justin Crum from America’s Got Talent performed a solo-cover of ‘Shallow’ with only a piano in the background.



During his performance on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, Lewis Capaldi added in background swingers and an electric guitar.




Ireland native Allie Sherlock took ‘Shallow’ to the streets, where she performed solo version of ‘Shallow’ using only her voice and a guitar.  Allie is only 13-years old and the video, which was posted on YouTube, now has been viewed over 5.7 million times.



Nothing beats the original.


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