Everyone seems to think that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have fallen deeply in love.

I won’t deny that I too, once thought the same thought. However, these two photos from the 2019 Oscars puts all of that to rest.

First off, let’s appreciate the amazing performance that was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s live version of ‘Shallow’ at the 91st Annual Academy Awards. Here’s what the standing ovation looked like from inside the Dolby Theatre.



Twitter exploded with love for the performance and how intimate it was with them sharing a microphone and nodding heads together towards the end; close enough that some even anticipated a kiss. These did not however slow down the rumours that the two seem so in love.



These two photos though will put all of that to rest. They’re photos of, Bradley Cooper’s wife, Irina Shayk; and they set to rest any rumours that she and Bradley are anything but in love. The first, is Lady Gaga hugging Irina after the performance on the evening of The Oscars.



If that isn’t enough, here’s her and Bradley sharing a kiss following the intimate show.



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