Yes!!! It’s happening, you better get ready; The Jonas Brothers are reuniting and recording new music together.

According to US Weekly, after almost 6 years, Nick, Joe and Kevin are going to give it another go together. Since they split up in 2013, Nick has found immense success in his solo music career, Joe became the lead singer of DNCE, and Kevin…well after a quick Google it looks like he started a real-estate development company.

However, according to this report, they are going to be getting back together under the name “JONAS.”  Fans have been rumouring that they were getting back together early last year when they reactivated the group’s Instagram profile.

Twitter immediately exploded with excitement after the news came out that they were rumoured to be getting back together!



So, who else wants to hit up a karaoke bar and absolutely crush a performance of ‘Burnin’ Up’?



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