Katy Perry is back!

She’s teamed up with Zedd for a new track called ‘365’!

A music video accompanied the song release, and it shows Katy as a “Stepford Wife” type of robot who falls in love with Zedd.

Basically the robot character (played by Katy) tries to make a genuine connection with a human (played by Zedd). It could be a really cool movie, tbh.

They both wrote the song together, and Zedd produced it.

Zedd talked about his collaboration with Katy Perry saying, “Katy and I have known each other for a while now and while on tour together in Australia last summer, we started working on some music,. After we got off tour and with our musical value systems even more aligned we continued working together and that’s when “365” started to take shape. As it all came together, we knew we had something special. I love how Katy sounds on this record. I’m so excited to finally share this with our fans.”


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