This remix may have been for a Super Bowl commercial but can it please turn into an actual single?



In the new Doritos commercial, introducing their new ‘Flamin’ Hot Nacho’ flavour, like the company, Chance The Rapper put his own spin on a Backstreet Boys classic with one fiery remix!



Check out Chance’s lyrics, “Walkin’ like a taco, drivin’ over potholes.  Hotter than a pot roast, fingers on my hot chips.  Red handed, come on man, I’mma need some chopsticks.”



Chance even attempted some BSB dance moves – when AJ called him out, Chance blamed his pants but BSB made him do the routine again … and again.


WATCH: Below is the original ‘I Want It That Way.’



The Backstreet Boys’ brand new album called DNA has been officially released and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts.  DNA is BSB’s ninth studio album and their ‘DNA Tour’ will kick off in Lisbon in May.


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