Do you remember that amazing homerun by Jose Bautista back in 2015 during Game 5 of the ALDS when the Jays played the Texas Rangers? And do you remember that memorable bat flip? If no, you NEED to watch ASAP!




That day, the ball that was hit by Jose was caught by a fan, was put up for auction last month and it recently sold for almost $29,000!!!



It was yesterday morning that the ball was shown on Lelands Auction House’s website and it sold for exactly $28,252,80.  The bid was originally set on January 4th beginning at $3,500 and after a total of 17 bids, it sold.


As ESPN explains, “The Blue Jays won the game to rally from 2-0 deficit in the best-of-five series.  They lost to the eventful World Series champion Kansas City Royals in the AL Championship series.”



Joes recalls the day he made baseball history, “I figured that at some point I was going to get at least one good shot to get a good swing off.  After I got into a hitters count I decided to be a little more aggressive.  In moments like that where the situation is big, and there is very little room for mistake, people go to their comfort level.  And I know that he had way more comfort with a sinker than any other pitch at that point.”


Jose Bautista’s bat flip is now recognized as ‘the world’s greatest bat flip of all time.’


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