In addition to all of the music records Ariana Grande has been breaking lately, she’s getting the wax treatment because now in Berlin, Germany, an Ariana wax figure stands at Madame Tussauds.



Rocking her long, blonde locks and cat-eye makeup, Ariana stands wearing a two-piece gold, sequenced outfit and accompanied by a gold microphone.  During the unveiling, German actor by the name of Timur Bartels was there to take a few photos.




Check out a few other photos Madame Tussauds also posted below.



Luckily, the wax figure doesn’t come with Ariana’s drama-filled hand tattoo.  Earlier this week, Ariana had the idea of tattooing ‘7 Rings’ on the palm of her hand, but in Japanese.  Once the photo was posted online, fans were quick to call out the mistake.  The tattoo didn’t read ‘7 Rings’ – in fact, it read ‘Japanese Style BBQ Grill.’  So like any other person, Ari went back to the drawing board, and even received help from her tutor.



Afterwards, Ariana posted yet another photo, this time, showing the correction of what she had planned to fix,





But something went wrong and well, now Ariana has a palm tattoo that reads ‘Japanese BBQ Finger.’  Either her tattoo artist is dense or the woman needs a better tutor.


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