Christina Aguilera has landed her first ever Las Vegas residency and she’s bringing ‘The Xperience’ to the Zappos Theatre, inside Planet Hollywood.



Christina will kick off ‘The Xperience’ on May 31 and is scheduled to perform 16 shows throughout 2019.  Billboard recently caught up with Christina and she had some thoughts on her next musical journey.  “This is the next chapter in something new, exciting, creative and epic for my fans,” explains Christina.


After taking some time for herself for a decade, Christina made a comeback with her ‘The Liberation Tour,’ which ended in November.  Christina says, “Liberation was such a success for me. The last time I had been on tour was when I was pregnant with my son [2007’s Back to Basics]. And being such a mama bear and wanting to take care of my kids and all of that first it was a long time coming. [I] want[ed] to get back to my fans and definitely [get] back to what my soul needed to do. To be on that stage has always been my first love since I was a tiny little girl.  The whole point of Liberation was getting back in touch with myself, finding that love, being in my artist body again, finding my true self and identity on stage again. It was just like coming home. And I want to take that to Las Vegas.”  


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And when it comes to Christina’s children, being on the road, touring from city to city, “Now it’s in their blood. It worked out perfectly. They would get mad at me sometimes if they weren’t able to come on stage.  It was a family affair by the end. It was a heartwarming, loving experience and I was, like, ‘okay, I need to do more of this’ and expand on it and allow more fans and more audience members to enjoy what this is all about.”


“I’m such a visual person and I’ve been acquiring all these inspirations.  Las Vegas is an amazing place to put all of that together. People visit to experience something new, different, exciting, to escape their everyday world. I wanted to put together a fantasy and let people [slip] into a world of finding their own true selves. It will allow people to come, just for one night, to let go, to explore their own sense of freedom and give the audience a chance take off whatever mask they might have to wear in their regular lives,” and according to Christina, her new Vegas show will include ‘creative ideas’ she has had for years and hopes to make her fans very happy, “You know I love a theme and a concept and I’m creating a specific world for this show.  [We are] playing with elements of Mother Nature and visual effects. I’m excited where that takes us.  I always like to get what they’re feeling and thinking. We’re going to touch on a little bit of everything and make that into an amazing experience— which is the title of the show.” 


Christina also told Billboard that she’s planning on checking out Lady Gaga’s Vegas show real soon, “I’m getting a bunch of my girls together and we’re going to Vegas. Check out Gaga’s new extravaganza. I’m sure it’s going to be so exciting. She always brings a great show.  [I’ll be looking at] what is a Vegas audience all about? How do they react to the show? I want to feel their energy, see what they react to.”


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Christina ends with, “Like The Liberation Tour, I want to make sure it’s a right family fit, right for my kids, right for myself, my soul.”  Check out Christina below on ExtraTV, chatting about her upcoming Vegas show.



And chatting on The Ellen Show about touring.



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