Halsey has officially scored her FIRST ever number one record with ‘Without Me!’

Prior to this huge accomplishment, Halsey shared the number one spot for 12 weeks with The Chainsmokers for their hit ‘Closer.’



To show her excitement, Halsey posted the Top 10 records on Billboard Hot 100’s chart on Instagram and wrote, “#1 on Billboard. Wow. Very overwhelmed and confused and so very very very VERY happy. this song came from a very lonely place, and brought me to one of the most loved and supported moments of my lifetime. This achievement is completely beyond my means of comprehending right now so I’ll get back to you guys when I find more eloquent and compelling things to say. Right now my brain is a washing machine of emotion. On a very high cycle. I love you very much.”



With Halsey occupying the number one spot on Billboard, she has officially bumped Ariana Grande into the number two spot with ‘thank u, next,’ but don’t worry, it’s still ALL love between these beauties.

Ariana reacted to the news by posting, “F**k it up Halsey,  To girls on top all 2019,” on her Insta-story.  Halsey then replied, “Love you bb. Dynamic women who are headstrong and compassionate all 2019.”




And you can expect new music from both Halsey AND Ariana Grande in 2019!

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