This is actually hilarious because just last night while I was watching ‘Home Alone,’ I asked myself if that 1940’s gangster movie that Kevin McCallister watches is real or not.  You know the one I’m talking about, “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.”




Thanks to Seth Rogen, he answered my curiosity! According to his latest tweet, he writes, “My entire childhood, I thought old timey movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone (Angels with Filthy Souls) was actually an old movie.”  Turns out, it was a pretend-film within another pretend-film.



Following Seth’s discovery, Twitter went into a frenzy, including Seth’s Hollywood friends like Chris Evans, Frankie Muniz and Elijah Wood.




And check out what comedian Nick Kroll had to say, “It isn’t? (Dead serious),” “Yeah man.  You deserved to find out in a better way than this,” tweets Seth in response.




Co-director Rodney Rothman (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) tweeted, “I didn’t know it until you just said this,” with Seth replying, “I’m sorry you had to find out this way.”




Even comic book writer Daniel Kibblesmith commented on the discovery, “Me too.  And then when the sequel came out and he watches the fake sequel, I thought, ‘Oh, so that’s why they chose it.  In case they made a Home Alone 2.”



People explain, “According to Vanity Fair, the violent, noir movie – which Macaulay Culkin’s character indulges in without the oversight of his parents and later uses to scare Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern’s Wet Bandits – took a day to shoot using a set with only two walls.  Initial iterations of the script called it ‘the gangster film.’  In fact, it only got a name because the VHS that Kevin pops in needed a label.  The title was a reference to the very real Angels with Dirty Faces from 1938.”



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