And it’s a … BOY!!!


In case you haven’t heard, Jersey Shore’s Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is pregnant with her third child and it’s going to be a boy!  Snooki shared a super cute, behind-the-scenes video on her YouTube channel and she gave her son, Lorenzo, the biggest job of them all!



Snooki threw a massive gender reveal party and asked if her son and husband, Jionni LaValle, could play a simple game of ‘gender reveal baseball.’  When Lorenzo went to hit the ball, a powdery BLUE dust exploded and everyone cheered in excitement.




In the YouTube video, this is how the conversation went down between Snooki, her 6-year old son Lorenzo and her 4-year old daughter Giovanna.


Snooki to Giovanna: “Gigi, what do you think we’re having?”

Giovanna: “A”

Lorenzo: interjects, “Boy!”

Giovanna: “Boy”

Snooki: “What if it’s a girl, you gonna be mad?” 


Lorenzo: “If it’s a girl, I’m gonna die.”

Snooki: “Well, that’s dramatic.  We don’t like surprises.”


Fans first  learned on Thanksgiving (American) that Snooki was preggers when she posted this adorable photo of Lorenzo and Giovanna holding her sonogram. #MyHeart



In one of Snooki’s recent Vlogs that was shared to her YouTube Channel, she says that her and Jionni have been trying to get pregnant since July, “I was getting a little worried because it wasn’t happening as soon as I wanted it to.  And everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you’re older now’ — ‘B**ch, I’m 30, relax.”



Congrats, Snooki!

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