Okay okay, I don’t want to get TOO excited ’cause we may never actually hear it…

BUT 50 Cent just posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption, “I recorded a song last night with Eminem & Ed Sheeran, I had fun doing it we got some heat. #lecheminduroi #bellator”

I mean, why would you post that if you aren’t planning on releasing it? Right??

This is a collaboration I never thought I needed in my life. But clearly I do. If they drop this, it could be absolutely iconic!

Imagine ending 2018 off with that? Again – can’t get our hopes up.

…But a song with Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and 50 Cent all in one exists out there, and to think – we have no idea what it sounds like…

I’m not okay with that. Fingers crossed they decide to release it!

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