Ariana Grande will be honoured at the 13th annual Women in Music event on December 6 in New York where it’s been announced that Ariana is this year’s Woman of the Year.  Prior to the event, Ariana spoke to Billboard, looking through old photographs and dishes on advice she would give her younger self.



Ariana comes across a photo taken with her older brother Frankie.  Ariana joked, “I still look like that without makeup, and hair, and extensions and stuff… For real, when I get out of the shower, that’s exactly what I look like. I swear to God. I swear.”


Ariana then pulls out another photograph of her, their mother and Frankie.  Their faces all painted as skeletons, hiding underneath the covers, “This was like a random Thursday in July.  My dad was working late, so my family and I did this together. That’s insane. We need severe help, still, all of us. This is also is still what I look like without makeup on.”


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And then there was a photo of baby Ari, “I don’t think there’s any shadier-looking person on the planet. That’s the shadiest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life… I’m like, ‘B*tch, that’s my cookie, that’s my juice, okay? Carry on. Thank you, next, that’s what this baby picture says.”




And if there was any advice older Ari would give to younger Ari, “Be kinder to myself.”  Ariana continues, “I’ve always been way better at giving lots of love, and chances, and acceptance, and forgiveness to other people, but none to myself.  So I think I would try to instill that, or realize that at least a little earlier, ’cause I’m just starting to enter that chapter now, and figure that out.”



Ariana tells Billboard, “I don’t want to do what people tell me to do, I don’t want to conform to the pop star agenda.  I want to do it on my own terms from now on.”



Congrats, Ariana!


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