Alessia took over The Tonight Show stage dressed in her signature oversized suit, rocking a pink tie and an untucked white shirt which, she once told the Today Show, “It’s an artistic way of symbolizing the idea of growing up.”  Alessia was joined by a group of musicians, three backup singers, a cellist and just ONE single spotlight.
 Alessia dropped her followup album a week ago and during an interview with Rolling Stone, Alessia explained that her breakup brought out a lot of emotion during the album process,  “Throughout this album process I was in a relationship, and that relationship ended. There were a lot of emotions that came with that, and the grieving process of that. I know that sounds dramatic, but it really is a grieving process!”
And while on The Tonight Show, Alessia played a round of Charades with Saoirse Ronan and Anderson Paak.



In a recent Instagram post, Alessia shows the inside of her new album and captions the photo, “My second album, The pains of Growing, is finally out.  This thing took a lot out of me, but has brought me so much joy.  I’ve never been prouder of anything and I hope you pull as much as you can from this little piece of my last two years.  Thank you to every single person involved in making it with me, and to everyone who listens.”


Alessia also shows her ‘Thank You’ section and writes, “I’ve had a little cloud over my head for a long time, but held my tongue because I figured no one would want to hear it.  I soon realized, though, that there are very omnipresent emotions existing in even the oddest circumstances.  We’ve all felt too much at once, and sometimes maybe nothing at all.  And there are a million feelings between and around that sentiment that make us all more alike than we think.  I wrote this album, selfishly for me at first, but ultimately for you, in hopes that you find comfort in this music the way that I strangely have myself.”



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