In case you just noticed, Ariana Grande released her music video for ‘thank u, next’, and it is everything we needed in life.

From Kris Jenner’s iconic appearance, to all the nostalgic looks. Just perfect!

But, what was written in the ‘thank u, next’ burn book at the beginning of the video?

Well, here are the messages.

The first one was for Big Sean. It was really sweet! There was a heart around his name with a note written, “so cute”, “so sweet”, and “(could still get It)” DAMN OKAY. Big Sean, you see that??


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She must really be in love?

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Then, Ricky’s page! She wrote, “great dancer” “Good Times, Man” and “Friends, Forever.” Damn, so he’s friendzoned for life. But still – nice message!


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congratulations you dangerous noodle!

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And, of course – Pete’s page…her most recent ex and the one that she was supposed to get married to.

Well in her ‘thank u, next’ burn book in his page…she wrote:

“sry I dipped,” “I love u always” …and at the bottom of the page she wrote, “HUUUUUGE.” …I’m sure you can figure out what she means by that.

But, when she wrote, “sry I dipped”, that obviously means she ended things with him, instead of the other way around. Well, at least she was nice about it?


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Well, that was the tea we needed, thanks Ari.

Now, let’s just continue watching the full video for the a millionth time already.



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