The Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards, celebrating the biggest, funniest, weirdest, most dramatic & most awkward moments of 2018 on the Roz & Mocha Show!

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Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best Game

The nominees…

5 in 7: Damnit Maurie is tasked with naming 5 things in 7 seconds in this Roz and Mocha game.

Mouth Charades: Damnit Maurie is given a clue and has to make noises only with his mouth and Roz and Mocha have to guess what they are!

Pinched: In this game between Mocha and Damnit Maurie, for each incorrect answer, you get a clothes peg pinched to your skin and if you get one right, you get to put one on the other guy!

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: The Riddle Me This Award

The nominees…

Kid Riddle – Picnic Riddle:  Roz gives Mocha and Damnit Maurie the following riddle: “A couple who have 5 sons went for a picnic, each son has 7 sister, each sister has 3 babies, in total, how many people went for the picnic?”

Kid Riddle – Animals Going to the River: Roz reads the following riddle to Mocha and Damnit Maurie: “One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going to the river. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys going towards the river and every monkey holds 1 parrot in their hands. How many animals are going towards the river?”

Kid Riddle – Lillypad: Roz gives Mocha and Damnit Maurie the following riddle: “In a pond there’s a lillypad, each day the lillypad doubles in size, if it takes it 20 days to cover the entire pond, how many days does it take to cover HALF”

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best Feats of Strength

The nominees…

Tug of War: Damnit Maurie had never done a ‘Tug of War’ before and challenged Mocha to a match!

Arm Wrestling Match: Roz and Damnit Maurie square off in an arm wrestling match (that ends pretty quickly).

Maurie Can’t Lift His Own Eyebrow: A listener called in to challenge Damnit Maurie to see if he could lift his eyebrow.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Outstanding Awkwardness 

The nominees…

Mocha Lubes Damnit Maurie’s Beard: Damnit Maurie has been growing a beard for an upcoming TV appearance and asks Mocha for help in keeping it smooth and moisturized.

Roz Cracks Mocha’s Back: Things get a little weird when Roz (in his tight leather pants) helps to crack Mocha’s back.

Maurie Recreates Baby Photo With his Dad Frank: On Frank’s birthday, Damnit Maurie wanted to recreate a photo of his dad holding him when he was a baby 40 years ago.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Worst Achievement in Hygiene

The nominees…

How Many Times Do You Wear Underwear Before Washing Them?: The guys debate whether it’s okay to go a few days without washing your underwear.

Damnit Maurie Picks His Nose and Wipes it on His Underwear: Damnit Maurie says his nose usually starts to bleed whenever he picks it and when he does he usually rubs it on his underwear. Gross.

Mocha Smells Maurie’s Toenails: After arguing that he doesn’t need to shower every day, Damnit Maurie somehow convinces Mocha to smell his finger…after he picks under his toe nails.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Thanks for Making it Weird Award

The nominees…

Julie Calls and Wants Roz to be Her “Side Piece”: A listener named Julie called in and made it very clear that she wanted Roz to be her side piece.

Maurie Gives Advice to Struggling High School Students: Damnit Maurie dished out some, let’s say interesting advice to kids heading back to school.

Maurie’s Interview with Shawn Mendes: Damnit Maurie makes things very uncomfortable while playing ‘Back Pictionary’ with Shawn Mendes.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best Achievement in Sound

The nominees…

Beatboxing with McDonalds Straws: Roz plays a viral clip of a guy beatboxing while using straws from McDonalds and Mocha and Damnit Maurie see if they can do the same.

How to Break Wine Glasses Using Your Voice: Damnit Maurie attempts to hit all the right notes and shatter glass with just his voice.

People at the Auto Show Demonstrate Car Sounds Using Their Mouths: Damnit Maurie was down at the auto show asking people to make car sounds with their mouths.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best/Worst Achievement in Fatherhood

The nominees…

Top 10 Skills Every Dad Needs: The guys run down the top 10 skills every dad needs according to a new survey.

Damnit Maurie Asks His Dad Frank to Use the Pool: Damnit Maurie seeks permission to use the pool at his dad Frank’s house.

Frank and Damnit Maurie Swearing: Damnit Maurie and his dad Frank have never sworn in front of each other…until now.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best Attempt at a World Record

The nominees…

Damnit Maurie Attempts Oyster Record: Damnit Maurie’s aunt Brenda calls in to challenge her nephew to break the Guinness World for oyster eating.

Walking Barefoot on Lego Record: A guy names Dimitri beat a world record for walking barefoot on Lego; a record that Damnit Maurie felt like he could beat because in his words, “it’s just walking”.

Damnit Maurie Tries to Eat 8 Bananas in 1 Minute: Well, the title is pretty self explanatory. Listening to this however, not so easy.

Roz & Mocha Fans’ Choice Awards: Best Cry


The nominees…

Damnit Maurie Reads A Letter From His Dad Frank For His 40th Birthday: Things get very emotional when Damnit Maurie reads a heartfelt letter from his dad on Maurie’s 40th birthday.

Mocha Cries Talking About Cruze and Jenna: An emotional Mocha talks about missing his newborn son Cruze and feeling badly for his wife Jenna.


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