It was Thanksgiving in the States on Thursday. And Tristan Thompson posted a photo of himself with Khloe Kardashian and baby true on Instagram with the caption, “I’m so blessed Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. #Givethanks #Blessed”

Well, the comments are savage af. People have absolutely no chill.

People went IN: “happy thanksgiving to everyone except Tristan.” “Where’s your son?”  “HE DOESNT KNOW HOW BLESSED HE IS” Happy thanksgiving to Khloe and True only. everyone else goodnight”

Basically, fans aren’t here for him at ALL.

Well, not only are people online trolling him – so is his sister-in-law!

Kendall Jenner was spotted supporting her supposed boyfriend Ben Simmons at one of his 76ers games on Friday night, and Ben’s team was playing Tristan’s.

There was one moment in the game where Tristan was shooting a free throw and you could see Kendall booing him…along with the crowed.

Amazing…best part, Khloe Kardashian noticed that she was booing Tristan and tweeted saying, “Look at my baby heckler. I’m dying at Kenny trying to heckle on the low low! #ItDidntWork.”

I’m sure it was just all fun and games..but deep down let’s be real – she meant the boos just a little. #sorrynotsorry



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