Dating can be especially difficult because men and women are so complicated, am I right?



Matt’s situation is a little bit more complicated because he is a recent widow and wanted to know from Roz and Mocha when they thought it was appropriate for him to begin dating again.

Matt mentioned that he was a little concerned with how people (his friends, his family and his ex fiance’s family) would think if he moved on.

He lost his fiancé back in April and the two have a little girl and he just wants to be happy again.

Roz and Mocha listeners texted in with their opinion on Matt’s situation.

One person said, “Hi guys ….not that my opinion matters but Matt never spoke about how much he loved her you said she loved him …..sorry I think he was looking for public permission he’s been out and about already so why now ???? Hard to have sympathy.”

Laura wrote, “Tell him he deserves every happiness in life. Someone will always have an opinion. Cut the toxics out of your life and move on-happily.”

Can Roz and Mocha help Matt out? Check out the advice they gave him below.


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Widow and Single Dad Wants to Know When Is It Appropriate to Date Again?

Originally Aired: November 19, 2018


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