Relationships are tough.



They require a lot of effort and work to keep that spark alive. Now imagine trying to do that but you and your partner live an hour or two away from each other.

That’s the case for Ash and her boyfriend who have been dating each other for 4 years but have been struggling with the distance (she lives in Mississauga and he lives in Bowmanville, not THAT far apart, but they also aren’t neighbours).

Ash says that the two get along and talk about the future together but when they argue they are both pretty vicious and there are major trust issues between the two of them.

Her best friend isn’t exactly a fan of him and says she should dump him because he’s done some sketchy things in the past like tell her half truths.

What do Roz and Mocha think Ash should do? Well take a listen below to find out!


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Fix My Life: Should Ash Continue in Her Long Distance Relationship?

Originally Aired: November 14, 2018


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