The legend Jamie Lee Curtis … The original scream queen herself was in Toronto during TIFF 2018 and spoke with Damnit Maurie about the new Halloween movie which hits the big screen this weekend.

They talked about how this new movie picks up where the original one leaves us.. So, should we forget about all the other films in between? Jamie tells us that you can still have your favorites, and all the films are available for steaming. But, even though this one is a sequel to the first film, she doesn’t want us to just forget about all the great work in the other films.

When we asked her if she feels award shows should care more about horror films.. she says “I don’t give a sh*t! We don’t do these for the awards. It’s not why we make them”

Plus, we talk to her about what does on the actual Halloween and her answer was legendary! ” I don’t have to do anything… I AM Halloween!” What a mic drop moment right there!


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