There was a thread on Reddit that I believe we all can relate to if we are being honest.

The thread asked, “what are the silly lies that you’ve told that you now have to keep going because you’re in too deep?”.

Mocha shared a story of how when he was younger, a co-worker of kept mixing him and another guy up and for years she kept making the same mistake; eventually, he just decided to not correct her and it wasn’t a big deal.




Roz mentioned that back in the day he dated a girl who asked him if he had ever tried Indian food (he had). But, in order to make her feel like she was the first person to introduce him to new food, he said that he hadn’t and introducing Indian food to Roz became her biggest accomplishment in the relationship!

We asked you to text and/or call us with some of your silly lies and you did not disappoint!

Take a listen below as one listener lies to her high school friends about being a vegetarian, another pretends to be a singer to impress a girl and a man lies to his soon-to-be wife about his occupation!


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