Calling ALL Twihards!!!!



While in Toronto for TIFF, Robert Pattinson dished that he can and definitely would reprise his role as the forever-dreamy, forever-sparkling, gorgeous-smiled vampire, Edward Cullen.


Robert says, “I’ve literally talked to my agent about it.  The amount of time I spend moisturizing — I am ready to play 17 at a moment’s notice. I’ve got the botox out.”





For someone like myself who is absolutely crazy about the movie, umm ROB … this is NOT something you should joke around about! Can you believe it’s been 10-years since Twilight hit theatres?  Robert says, “I feel like I stopped mentally progressing around the time I started doing those movies.  It feels like not a day has passed.”



The series, which was written by Stephenie Meyer included four books and five movies in total.  IF by any chance a sixth movie were to be made, what would it include? Bella, Edward and the rest of the vampire clan already fought the Volturi.  An older Renesmee, possibly? Jacob married? Oh the possibilities!





To this day, Robert says fans from all over continue to tell him how they loved his character AND the series.  Rob explains, “Whenever anyone says it’s their guilty pleasure, it’s like, you say guilty, [but] what you really mean is just pleasure.”  Listen – even after all of these years, that final battle scene still has me on the edge of my seat!





And by the way, if you have an extra $349,000, you can now buy the official home of Bella Swan (the famous Twilight house).  It’s being listed by Andrew Ferranti of Sotheby’s International Real Estate and it includes four-bedrooms and two-bathrooms and it’s located in, where else, Forks, Washington.



Dean Koeing, the owner of the Twilight home for 16 years says, “If you’re a fan, this place is the one spot that a movie fan can directly connect with an actual physical part of the movie.  Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie. So when people come here they actually can connect to that world and that world becomes a little more real to them.”


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