Ever since Mac Miller tragically overdosed, fans have been dealing with their grief and anger in many different ways.

Unfortunately, some fans are taking their anger out on Ariana Grande, Miller’s ex-girlfriend, by blaming her for his death.

This has to stop and here’s why:


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Daryn Jones Live

Stop blaming Ariana Grande For Mac Miller's Death

Originally Aired: September 10, 2018


In the audio clip above, Daryn Jones explains why only an addict can be responsible for his or her sobriety. You can comfort and support an addict, but ultimately it’s on them. If you’ve ever dated an addict you’ll know this is true.


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It’s not fair to burden Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s choices and it’s really not fair to suggest their relationship led to Miller’s OD. And if you’re online blaming her, you have to stop and think about what you’re doing and why.


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Mac Miller’s death is so sad, and so infuriating. And it’s on him. Don’t direct your anger at someone who doesn’t deserve it. RIP Mac Miller.


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