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Has Anyone Seen Justin Bieber Lately?

Originally Aired: September 4, 2018

So by now we’ve all heard the news: Justin Bieber just bought a super ridiculous 101-acre, $5-million mansion in Cambridge, Ontario — and it has its own horse-racing track. Hey, I have a feeling JB’s pretty rich! Not that I’m jealous or anything.

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But the big news here is that if this rumour is true, that means Justin Bieber is moving back to Canada, and back home to Ontario. Is this the house he plans to marry Hailey Baldwin in? Is this home base for their family? Is it a matter of time before a pack of tiny Bieberlets are running around the property? So many questions!

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But here’s the real question: Is it actually true? Did Justin Bieber really buy a lakeside mansion in Cambridge Ontario? Is he moving home? Well, there’s only one way to find out: Call local businesses and ask if anyone’s seen Justin yet. And that’s exactly what Daryn Jones did. Listen to the hilarious audio above to find out if anyone has seen Justin Bieber lately!

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We heart you Biebs! Come by for a visit!!!

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