His fans danced, sang and cheered louder than ever tonight, as he took the stage in front of the largest Canadian audience in his performing history!

Singing top hits like “Perfect”, “Don’t”, “Shape Of You” and “Thinking Out Loud”, Ed Sheeran made sure that we’ll have his songs running through our minds for the rest of the Long Weekend, and I’m totally okay with this. The stage set-up had beautiful tints of blue, orange and red lighting up the entire audience as we admired him in front of us and on the big screens.

I have to admit, when he sang “A-Team”, the teenager in me couldn’t resist but to sing along (okay, maybe shout along). I have no regrets – I only wish it had lasted longer.

One of my favourite moments had to be when he asked the audience to light up their phones and hold them up in the air. While we had our arms in the air, swaying back and forth, Ed continued to melt our hearts with his perfect voice. At the expense of sounding like an extremely cheesy fan, I’m going to say it: for a tour titled Divide Tour, Ed sure knew how to unite us together. Someone cue the slow clap.

Throughout the show, Ed charmed us with funny jokes, including a couple of self-deprecating  ones, teasing the dads and boyfriends that had only shown up to the show for the sake of their kids or girlfriends. He also impressed us with his drumming skills, as he temporarily turned the body of his guitar into a drum. I think he gained some new fans tonight.

If you want to start your Long Weekend off on a high note, it’s a good thing you can still buy tickets to his second show tomorrow night! See ya there!

Setlist for Divide Tour

  1. Castle on the hill
  2. Eraser
  3. The A team
  4. Don’t/New man
  5. Dive
  6. Bloodstream
  7. Tenerife sea
  8. Happier
  9. Galway girl
  10. How would you feel
  11. Photograph
  12. Perfect
  13. Nancy Muliigan
  14. Thinking out loud
  15. Sing
  16. Shape of You
  17. You need me, I don’t need you
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