Even though I’m not necessarily a “cat person” (I love both dogs and cats equally, yes…that is possible don’t @ me).

I do own a cat, so I feel like the “cat person” in me has to represent and shout out my little fur ball today… (and everyday because you gotta do it for the ‘gram)

Celebs are also sharing their cute cats today too!

And we have to start with the ultimate celeb cat lady of them all, our girl Taylor Swift with the beloved Olivia Benson.


Olivia just realized I’m wearing earrings of her face.

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Umm, girl – where can I get earrings of my cat’s face? #Goals

Ed Sheeran sending love to these little pumpkins, Graham and Stuart (aka Boo Boo)



Katy Perry is living her best life and this is all really anyone wants…


heaven is a place on earth

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Oh! I almost forgot…

This is my little ball of fur. His name is Charlie, aka Char Char, Charzard, Charmander…Okay, I’m a nerd and you get it.



I wish someone would look at me the way my cat looks at me. #goals

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Yeah…still wishing.


That's what he's really thinking… #fml

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And yes,,,he still thinks that.

Anyway, Happy International Cat Day! Go give your cat alll the love you know they’re going to hate! <3

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