Days after it was announced that Toronto Raptors star DeMar DeRozan was traded to the San Antonio Spurs, DeMar finally broke his silence and posted a heartfelt letter, thanking both Toronto and Canada for their continuous support over the course of nine years.


The post read, “Words could never express what you’ve meant to me.  I was just a 19 year old kid from Compton when we first met, but you took me in and embraced me as one of your own.  I am so grateful for the love and passion that you’ve given me over the pas 9 years.  All I ever wanted to do was duplicate it 10x over just to show my appreciation.  Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada.”  In addition to the message, the photo, which was black and white, showed DeMar signing his No. 10 Raptors jersey.




However, prior to this message – DeMar posted a series of cryptic messages on his Insta story about the trade saying, “Be told one thing and the outcome another. Can’t trust em. Ain’t no loyalty in this game. Sell you out for a quick little bit of nothing…”



During a press conference, according to Masai Ujiri, president of the Raptors, he claims, “I had a conversation with DeMar at Summer League.  We spoke and I spoke to him. I think maybe my mistake was talking about what we expected going forward from him. Not necessarily talking about a trade but what I expect from him going forward and I think that’s where the gap was because, in my job, I always have to assume that I’m going forward with the team that I have.  If there was a miscommunication there, I do apologize to DeMar and his family and his representation. It’s not what I meant.  These things come and go, opportunities come and go and we have to react, in my position, and I had to react at this time.”



DeMar may not have officially met the Spurs but sources say they’re excited to have him on their team.




Unfortunately for DeMar, he planned to finish his career with The Raptors.  We wish DeMar the best of luck and hey, he’s 28 and has scored more points than ANY Raptor’s player in history.




Welcome, Kawhi!


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