There are some real freaks out there (and yes I’m talking about YOU) who LOVE watching pimples being popped and even love popping some themselves! Well, in this week’s podcast, we caught up with Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper to talk about her massive YouTube following and new Tv series.


Speaking of popping, we ask if it’s still common for people to ask parents permission before popping the question. Since Justin Bieber asked permission from Hailey Baldwins dad, we wanted to know if people still do that.

Damnit Maurie took a luxurious trip on a private pane to a winery in Niagara…oh and got completely wasted and told people wine jokes while there!


And ladies, do you like your guy in a Speedo? Well, according to a new study, 99% of you say NO! However, Roz, a big fan of the Speedo says “My body my choice” as he rocks several pairs each weekend.


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