You may have heard (or haven’t -yet) that Twitter went on a purge, basically locked all of its users that are ‘fake’ – meaning, this had a heavy impact on musicians and their accounts.


This is crazy – Twitter’s most followed accounts (50 to be exact) just so happen to be musicians, with Katy Perry at the number one spot with 110 million followers.  So what does this mean now? Well, after this ‘Twitter purge’, Katy lost a total of 3 million followers on her verified account and she’s not the only celebrity this purge affected.  Don’t get it twisted – Katy is still the Twitter champ.





Let’s see each of the most-followed musicians and how many followers they lost during the ‘purge’.



Britney Spears – 8.3M followers to 56.2M followers – losing 2.1M followers


P!nk – 33.1M followers to 31.9M followers –  losing 1.2M followers


Lady Gaga – 79M followers to 76.4M followers – losing 2.6M followers


Lil Wayne – 34.5M followers to 33.4M followers – losing 1.1M followers,


Justin Bieber – 107M followers to 104M followers – losing 3M followers


Katy Perry – 110M followers to 107M followers – losing 3M followers


Drake – 37.6M followers to 36.6M followers – losing 1M followers


Jennifer Lopez – 45.2M followers to 44M followers – losing 1.2M followers


Justin Timberlake – 66.1M followers to 64.4M followers – losing 1.7M followers


Wiz Khalifa – 34.1M followers to 33.2M followers – losing 900,000 followers


Shakira – 52.1M followers to 50.8M followers – losing 1.3M followers


One Direction – 31.5M followers to 30.7M followers – losing 800,000 followers


Harry Styles – 32.9M followers to 32.1M followers – losing 800,000 followers


Louis Tomlinson – 33.7M followers to 32.9M followers – losing 800,000 followers.


Selena Gomez – 57.1M followers to 55.8M followers – losing 1.3M followers


Taylor Swift – 85.6M followers to 83.7M followers – losing 1.9M followers


Miley Cyrus – 41.3M followers to 40.4M followers – losing 900,000 followers


Bruno Mars – 42.9M followers to 42M followers – losing 900,000 followers


Alicia Keys – 31M followers to 30.4M followers – losing 600,000 followers


Demi Lovato – 57.3M followers to 56.3M followers – losing 1M followers


Niall Horan – 40.2M followers to 39.5M followers – losing 700,000 followers


Ariana Grande – 57.7M followers to 56.8M followers – losing 900,000 followers


Rihanna – 89M followers to 88.1M followers – losing 900,000 followers


Liam Payne – 33.1M followers to 32.8M followers – losing 300,000



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