During Imagine Dragons’ two night stay in Toronto, they managed to bring the ‘Thunder’ on night one and sunshine on night two, with everyone feeling ‘On Top of the World’ once it was over.

Before Imagine Dragons, we were treated to an amazing performance by up and coming artist Grace VanderWaal. The 14 year old ukulele “pop prodigy” as hailed by Rolling Stone, got things started off with a bang! You may recognize her from the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. She was crowned the winner of the show in 2016! Despite the extremely windy conditions (you could here it howling through her microphone), Grace commanded the stage and sung her joyful hits like “Clearly”, “So Much More Than This”, and “I Don’t Know my Name.” Did I mention she’s only 14 years old?! Grace is a truly gifted singer, and I’m sure we’ll hear more from her in the future.



Imagine Dragons put on an AMAZING show! They started the set with their first big single “Radioactive” off their debut album Night Vision. After a few songs had passed, lead singer Dan Reynolds had left the stage and went into the audience! Now you have to remember, this was at the Budweiser Stage, which is an open concept arena. Not only did Dan go into the pit where I was, but he continued to walk up, and up, and up! He literally went all the way to the back of the lawn! Needless to say it was quite the treat for those sitting far away. They got an up close and personal look of Dan and his 6 pack abs!



Another awesome moment was when someone from the crowd passed a Canadian flag to the lead singer. What made it special was that it wasn’t an ordinary Canadian flag, but rather a pride themed one with the rainbow colours on the maple leaf. Dan proudly draped it over his shoulders and wore it for several songs! Very fitting since it’s Pride Month in Toronto.



I liked that they played a mixture of their old songs and new ones. They made sure to highlight their new album Evolve with hits like “Whatever It Takes”, and “Thunder.” One touching moment was when the lead singer paused during the song “Demons” to highlight the issue of mental health that is increasingly being talked about in the news. He even revealed that he was diagnosed with depression years ago and was seeking help. Dan Reynolds showed his vulnerable side and he ensured us that it’s ok to speak up and seek help. It was a heartwarming gesture that brought some to tears and made us realize that even someone as successful as him isn’t immune to depression.

A little more than halfway through the show and Imagine Dragons slowed it down a bit and played 3 acoustic songs. Now normally acoustic songs comprise of the singer sitting on stage either by himself or with a bandmate who’s playing guitar….welllllll Dan Reynolds and the band had other plans… another stage to be specific! And in following with the fan experience, he went into the crowd AGAIN! and this time he passed right by me! I literally could have stuck out my hand and touched him but I was so caught off guard that I barely had a chance to take a quick video of him passing by!

The night was coming to an end, but one thing that remained a mystery were these big white balloons that were suspended overhead. Everyone noticed them the entire show but were wondering when they would be released. All it took was the last song “Believer” and before we knew it, people were tossing these massive white balloons all over the place! It created a fun and immersive atmosphere that allowed for the show to end on a high note!



Overall, the show was a hit and I think everyone appreciated that Dan made his way into the crowd multiple times! P.S. the dude was topless for the entire show, and I must say that he’s ripped!

Imagine Dragons at Budweiser Stage, June 13th 2018, FULL Set List:

  1. Radioactive
  2. It’s Time
  3. Whatever It Takes
  4. Shots
  5. Yesterday
  6. Walking The Wire
  7. Next To Me
  8. I’ll Make It Up To You
  9. Start Over
  10. The River
  11. Gold
  12. I Don’t Know Why
  13. Mouth Of The River
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Bleeding Out
  16. I Bet My Life
  17. Demons
  18. Thunder
  19. On Top Of The World
  20. Believer


After checking out the Imagine Dragons show, the KiSS Crew spoiled fans with some post show refreshments and munchies!

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