GQ proclaimed ‘Kissing Is Overrated’ they wrote “The idea that pressing your mouths together and doing some French-attributed tongue-licking is the peak of romance is so misguided.” We go on the hunt for people who actually hate kissing– spoiler alert, we found tons!

What’s the weirdest thing your family did that you thought was normal your whole life? For Mocha it was having his dad Vern wrap the TV remote in plastic wrap to protect it. For Damnit Maurie is was having his parents put the cereal in those cereal Tupperware containers right after buying a box.


If your neighbour has a horrid lawn, can you tell them to mow it? Mocha is experiencing this now and you all came to the rescue! Several of you suggested just going over to the neighbours place and mowing it yourself.

Apparently Roz’s closet is half the list of The Most Hated Articles of Clothing. according to a new survey the top items are deep-v shirts, Leather pants and Speedos!

plus, Rolling Stone released the most whack list of the Best Star Wars characters of all time, Darth Vader came in second, followed by Boba Fett, Yoda, and Princess Leia.



Also, we play a round of the Roz & Mocha original game Mouth Charades, and The Damnits rock the vote, we have amazing audio of Maurie & Matthew walking to cast their vote and debating if they should share with each other who they are voting for.

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