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On episode 31:

Someone invented underwear you can wear for a week without washing them – you interested? Silvertech fabric is made from recycled electronic, industrial and photographic waste killing a large percentage of bacteria and fungi build up as well as controlling odor, the company claims.


organic basics underwear you don't need to wash


Mocha deep-dives into the emotional side of being a new dad, and how he and his wife struggle with finding the perfect work/life balance.



























We talk to the New Yorker who found buried treasure in his back yard. Matthew Emanuel was having some trees replaced in his backyard in Staten Island last week when he noticed a metal box in the ground. Inside that box was about $52,000 worth of property–including diamonds, gold and soaking wet cash in plastic bags. If you found hidden treasure would you give it back? Check out the podcast interview to see if he did.

Plus the Cash Me Outside girl, Danielle Bregoli, who know goes by “Bhad Bhabie”, chats with Damnit Maurie about her new music, the haters and the relationship with her mom, where she claims to have a normal teenage girl relationship with her mom.. Yeah, sure you do!





















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