Four older ladies, lots of wine and copies of 50 Shades? It’s clear the new flick Book Club is recipe for something amazing.

Mary Steenburgen, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen star in this instant classic about four woman who realize how man-hungry they are after reading 50 Shades (a.k.a. the critically acclaimed erotic novel series) in their book club.

“One of the things that surprised us is how many people have responded to this movie,” Mary Steenburgen tells Damnit Maurie. When asked if she learned anything new about sex while making this movie, she said “There are always new things to learn!

Steenburgen most loves that the film features four women in the later stages of life. “You never see four woman our age as leads in a movie—we usually play someones freaky aunt!” To Steenburgen, the movie says, “Yup, we’re old and deal with it. We’re having fun!'”

Book Club hits the big screen on May 18!


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