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On episode 30, Do you shower in the morning or at night?

According to experts, it’s better to shower at NIGHT . . . it cleans all of the sweat off your skin and it can help you sleep better.

We talk to a man from Wisconsin who LOVES Big Macs, like REALLY loves Big Macs. He just set a world record after eating his 30,000th Big Mac!


UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 26: McDonald's Big Mac


Do you have a juicy secret you’ve been keeping to yourself that your own Mother doesn’t even know? The Roz & Mocha Confessional is open for Mother’s Day and a lot of people had to fess up to Mom!

Weird Star Wars jokes with “Solo” star Paul Bettany.



Would you go on a cruise that lasted 245 days?

A Roz & Mocha original game “Mouth Charades” gets played and ‘Ask Roz & Mocha’! You had some great questions this week!


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