Missed a morning of the Roz And Mocha Show? Don’t fret—The Roz & Mocha Show podcast is the perfect fix!

On episode 29, Roz & Mocha talk about a new which says that 27% of people say they never lie… which has gotta be one big giant lie, right?!

Ian Sabourin is studying singing at the University of Toronto and pays his tuition by singing opera on the streets of Toronto. Roz & Mocha had him in studio to sing, and he’s amazing!

Plus, Lilli Bernard—one of Bill Cosby’s accusers—calls into the station following Cosby’s conviction. Lilli Bernard was on The Cosby Show in the mid-nineties and she was mentored by Cosby before becoming one of his victims.

P.S. Would you still be friends with someone who picked their nose and wiped the boogers on their underpants? All that and more on this week’s episode!

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