Missed a morning of the Roz And Mocha Show? Don’t fret—The Roz & Mocha Show podcast is the perfect fix!

On episode 28, Roz & Mocha talk to two old-school California stoners about how the term “420” came to be, plus they discuss whether or not Drake stole an Instagram photo from Mocha (hint: he definitely did).

Later, the pair discusses a survey which says 44% of people say they have gotten revenge on a co-worker and Billboard‘s list of the 100 greatest boy band songs of all time. On this episode, Roz & Mocha also talk about the growing trend of “manjections” (male lip injections), a Michigan couple that just welcomed their fourteenth son and Damnit Maurie interviews Bill Nye the Science Guy. Finally, Roseanne calls Roz & Mocha to talk about the crazily successful reboot of her eponymous show.



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