Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have one of the cutest friendships out there.



Taylor Swift’s ‘End Game’ music video first premiered a month ago and Taylor has given us a behind-the-scenes look of what really went on with Ed Sheeran and Future.  Let’s just say this, her friendship with Ed is fun and entertaining and too adorable.  Taylor laughs with Future, is upset over a Scrabble game and then makes fun of Ed’s accent.


The behind-the-scenes video is nothing but Taylor and Ed making constant jokes and throwing some funny jabs towards each other.  The video also has Ed explaining his inspiration behind his so-called rapping on ‘End Game’.



Ed says that he wrote his verse while in New York and it was all based on a dream he had, “So it’s not talent, it just accidentally happened.  Just dreams, yep.”  Ed also explains what ‘after the storm something was born on the fourth of July’ means, which is a line from the song.  Keep in mind Taylor introduced Ed to his now fiance Cherry Seaborn at a Fourth of July party she threw a few years back and NO, the line is not about that.  He explains, “It’s a play on words.”


On Instagram, Taylor posted a video where she calls out Ed for “peacock-ing” because apparently, ‘he constantly sits on elevated chairs when he’s around her’.  Taylor says, “I just want to start by saying that this is what he does, he tries to elevate himself geographically so he can seem better than me.  Experts will study this and say that you’re, like peacock-ing right now.”  According to PEOPLE, “The expression, popularized in the 2005 pickup artist exposé The Game, refers to men who adopt an intentionally ostentatious persona to attract attention.”


Check out the video below: 



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