*Brought to you by Air Transat

Did you know that 33% of Canadians haven’t taken a vacation in the past two years?

That finding, revealed in a recent Ipsos poll, raised eyebrows at Air Transat, the country’s leading leisure airline, so the company immediately decided to take concrete action in line with its brand promise: to brighten the everyday with the joy of vacations.

Eager to learn more about why some Canadians hardly ever take a vacation, Air Transat mounted an operation to “infiltrate” the performance-evaluation meetings of employees at a select group of companies.

These workers all had something in common: they are very much appreciated by their employer, and their dedication to their jobs goes above and beyond the call, but they neglect one essential aspect of their work/life balance: they never go on holiday!

Air Transat wants you to nominate someone you know for a vacation Intervention.

Go to Airtransat.com to enter to win a trip for 2 to sunny destination down south. Contest closes Feb. 4th.