Now I know that headline may strike as you a bit strange because having dinner at the Toronto Zoo on Valentine’s Day may not seem like the most romantic idea, but hear me out.

The Toronto Zoo is planning a special evening for couples this Valentine’s Day; the event is called, First Comes Love.

This is the event’s description from the website:

One of life’s greatest gifts is the gift of a child, and being a parent is one of the most important and honourable jobs around! The mystery of birth, and parenthood, has been explored throughout the ages, and it’s no surprise that many of the most interesting discoveries have come from the animal world.
Join us for an evening of fascinating facts on parenthood in the wild, where you will learn facts such as how the male sea horse, and not the female, carries their young or that giant pandas only have 72 hours in which they can mate!

*Buffet dinner
*Special animal encounter before dinner
*Interactive & informative presentation
*Tour of the Zoo’s Reproductive Laboratories, led by our Reproductive Specialist Team

The event takes place on Wednesday, February 14th from 6:30pm until 9:00pm. Tickets are $85/person or $160 per couple.

For more information, visit The Toronto Zoo website.

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