1998 was a great year! Some of the biggest shows to songs to toys and video games were born and now we can celebrate their 20th anniversary.

From ‘Baby One More Time’ to Furby to ‘Sex and the City’, here’s a list of what’s turning 20 in 2018.


Google is finally an adult

Google launched on Sept. 4, 1998 which now means, goodbye teen years and hello to adulthood.



iMac was born

The iMac was created in August of 1998 and I remember watching Gilmore Girls and it was the episode where Lorelai gave her daughter, Rory this very computer.  I wanted it so bad … but … I never got it.  It also came in some cool colours as well.



Saving Private Ryan 

Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Edward Burns.  It first premiered July 24, 1998.



Lauryn Hill’s ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ 

The song was released Nov. 14, 1998.  The song earned Lauryn 2 GRAMMY awards, three more GRAMMYs for the album, it was a top 10 Billboard hit AND it became an anthem.



Dawson’s Creek

Talk about feeling old! Dawson’s Creek first aired on Jan. 20, 1998 and it came way before One Tree Hill and The OC #JustSaying


Seinfeld ended 

The final episode of the hit show Seinfeld came to an end on May 14, 1998.

"I think i’m pretty much like you…only successful." #TheOldMan

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Furby was born.

Everyone’s favourite toy (at the time) Furby was created in 1998 and it was the most popular toy this year.



The birth of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The fourth installment of the theme park opened its doors April 22, 1998 and it’s my favourite section to visit at Disney World.

Things are looking up! #CinderellaCastle #MagicKingdom (Photo: @whoiscliffwang)

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‘Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears 

Britney’s biggest track came into our lives October 23, 1998.  ‘Baby One More Time’ (the album) sold 25 million copies worldwide, which makes it the biggest-selling album recorded by a teenage girl – Britney was only 16 when the album dropped!



MTV’s Total Request Live

Total Request Live (the original) aired Sept.14, 1998 and was hosted by Carson Daly.




This Bruce Willis flick hit theatres in 1998 and it also starred Ben Affleck.



That 70’s Show

This hit comedy series first aired August 23, 1998 and it was the start of Mila and Ashton.

can’t believe it’s almost 2018

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Sex and the City

Fifty Shades of what??? The HBO hit show Sex and the City turns 20 this year!! The show followed 4 very fabulous New York City ladies and c’mon, who DIDN’T want to be Carrie Bradshaw?


Game Boy

The Game Boy first came out in 1989 but in 1998, Game Boy colour came into our lives.



‘The Boy Is Mine’

A HUGE song for Brandy and Monica and according to the Herald Sun, the song was actually inspired by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s hit, ‘The Girl Is Mine’.

There’s Something About Mary

The romantic comedy which is still loved by many, stars funny man Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz.  The movie, in 1998, became the ‘highest grossing comedies’ that year.


Feel old yet???


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