Are you a big Star Wars fan? Have you ever wanted to become a Jedi?

Well, there’s a school in Montreal that offers students Star Wars-like experiences that include teaching students the art of light saber fighting.

According to the website of The Force Academy, students can pay for 10 advanced light saber classes for approximately $170.

The description of the course says, “In a rigorous but playful manner, each 90 minute lesson will allow you to experience the world of an apprentice. Our Masters, all of whom have a high degree in martial arts, ensure the technical vigilance of our program. We believe in a truly immersive experience.


Each course will open with important warm-up period and then quickly transition into the main technique explanation, development and practice. In each of the learned forms, there will be Dulons, Velocities and Accelerations to master in a series of movements to do solo or with a partner. The courses will close with a sparring session to put your skills to the test.



Upon inscription, the participant will begin their journey in the rank of Apprentice; followed by Padawan; Knight and Master. To move up in rank, the Apprentice must show their mastery of the forms and obtain experience points that will be granted by participating in duels with other members. Upon passing their examination at the end of the Padawan rank, and according to their style of combat, the individual will choose their path greatness by embracing the values of the light side or the dark side.”



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