Ed Sheeran is making his way to Springfield!

Appearing in the season 29 premiere (Sun. Jan. 7), Ed Sheeran makes a cameo AND also plays Lisa’s love interest.

According to Billboard, “Sheeran pounds the keys (with Lisa on saxophone accompaniment), at one point turning around and, after taking a sip from his grape juicebox, lamenting to his lady love, “you didn’t applaud.” Despite the sweet music the two are making, dad Homer Simpson bangs on the wall from upstairs in the kitchen and whines, “Oh no, they’re playing in time to the beat of my banging!””

Back in July, executive producer Al Jean described Ed Sheeran’s character to EW as, “He keeps alternating [between], ‘You’re not that great, but you could be fantastic,’ and she keeps falling for him because of his talent.  There’s actually a love triangle forming as well with Nelson, who tries to impress Lisa with his singing talent. How is Nelson’s voice? Well, you’ll hear.  He sings ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’ with new lyrics, and he kind of bullies those notes.”



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