CONGRATS to Ed Sheeran for his scoring his FIRST Christmas No.1.


Ed also found himself in some competition with Eminem because ‘Perfect’ and Eminem’s latest single ‘River’, which features Ed were both fighting for the No.1 spot.  Eminem’s new album, Revival has scored a Christmas No. 1 album and River is currently in the No.2 spot, right behind Perfect.



In a recent video message, Ed says, “This is an actual dream come true and I’m very proud and happy.  Thank you so much and have a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year.”





Since its release, Ed has dropped five other versions of ‘Perfect’, one with Beyonce and the other with Andrea Bocelli, an acoustic version and two remixes by Mike Perry and Robin Schulz.  Although these versions helped boost sales, it was Ed’s original Perfect, which is featured on his hit album Divide, that got him to the No.1 spot.



And in third place on the charts, Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.



And if that wasn’t enough, not only is Divide the biggest-selling album in the UK but it’s also the second album in the U.S. to sell a million copies in 2017 (1.013 million).  The first, Taylor Swift’s Reputation which sold 1.719 million copies.








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