Halifax’s Quake Matthews released his fifth studio album this year called, Celebrate the Struggle; the album climbed to as high as number three on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts.



The album features the single, ‘Confessions’ featuring Neon Dreams.



For Celebrate the Struggle, Quake enlisted the help of fellow Canadians Ria Mae and JRDN, whom the latter had very high praise for, “He’s a very honest artist…He lays it all out on the line in the studio and gives you his truths. Whether it be negative or positive, he’s always giving you his truths.”

A real treat for the Halifax artist was working with Grammy-award winning producer Street Runner who has worked with Eminem and Lil Wayne.

He told The Chronicle Herald,  “I was at a time in my career where I couldn’t find production that suited what I wanted to do,” said Matthews. “So I thought why not take a shot in the dark because Street Runner had always been one of my favourite producers. So I sent him an inbox on Instagram with my information and links to some of my songs.”

He added, “That was an amazing feeling. To have someone you looked up to since you were young like my sound enough to produce a track on my album. It was amazing.”

Quake wrote on his website about the ‘struggle’ in Celebrate the Struggle:

It’s human nature to never be completely satisfied. As soon as the high wears off from our most recent accomplishment, we immediately go searching for the next thing that is going to bring that feeling back. We are so busy trying to get to the top of the ladder, that we don’t take time to appreciate the overall journey. “Celebrate the Struggle” means keeping a positive attitude when things aren’t going according to plan, and realizing that it’s all part of the journey. Hardships strengthen the appreciation of our accomplishments; therefore we should have just as much appreciation for the hardships themselves.”


Check out Quake’s album, Celebrate the Struggle below and learn more about this month’s ‘One to Watch’ artist HERE.


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