There is nothing more frustrating as a commuter than waiting for a bus, outside in the cold for a long time during the winter.

On Friday night, one woman decided that she had had enough and decided to protest.

According to Andreas Wesley, the man who took video of the incident, the issue began after the woman became irritated with an over-crowded bus in the Landsdowne area of the city on Friday night.

In the YouTube description he wrote,

“Tonight during rush hour I witnessed this woman protesting against the overcrowded TTC buses by walking in front and deliberately blocking the bus from driving around her. After waiting up to 30 min in the freezing cold as two buses didn’t show up at Lansdowne station in Toronto nearly 100 riders crammed onto two buses. When the driver of one bus asked a handful of people at the front door to get back off because he couldn’t see the door this woman had had enough.”

In the video above, the driver can be heard talking to someone on the phone (presumably at the TTC), describing the situation,

“I’ve got a disgruntled customer who is walking down the middle of the road holding up traffic, not letting me pass…As I try to change lanes, she’s walking in front of me…I’ve got an absolutely packed bus, I had to leave her on the sidewalk because I had no room for her. I’ve got another bus behind me, and we’re just sort of creeping along.”

Here’s the full story from and you can check out Andreas’ YouTube page here.

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