Looks like Ellen DeGeneres is putting Charlie Puth on the spot about his hit single, ‘Attention’.

FUN FACT: It was Ellen who was the first to recognize Charlie and his talent. She invited him on her show back in 2011, and now in 2017, she invited him once again to talk about his new album ‘Voice Notes’, and to perform his No.1 hit single!

During their interview, Ellen playfully brought up Charlie and his many shirtless photos that are currently on social media and then popped the question, “Attention’ is about who? Which young lady would that be about? “ Ellen asked.

Charlie had nothing to say other than, “My heart’s racing right now.  I’m freaking out right now…it is somebody…I’m sweating right now!” and Charlie wouldn’t budge on who the song is about.



Charlie also announced that he’s releasing a new single, How Long, which is also off of the Voice Notes album.


Thanks @Spotify! Listen to #HowLong on their New Music Friday playlist.

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You can watch Charlie’s first appearance on Ellen from 2011 below…



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