And just when you thought The Weeknd and Selena Gomez couldn’t get any cuter, think again!


Between their trips, the red carpet (and their kiss) and all of their public dates, Selena is now gushing about her boyfriend and how cute he is.


Durin a Q&A, a fan from Toronto asked Selena about her recent trip to the 6 (which is where The Weeknd is from).  Selena begins by saying, “Love my Canadians,” and then shares a story about her friend Petra Collins, or as Selena says, “my favourite human on the face of the planet” about her art show she held in the city and just as Selena was about to finish her answer, she says,“And my boyfriend’s from there. He’s really cute.” 



This wasn’t the first time Selena has made a trip out to Toronto to see The Weeknd.  Selena has visited at least twice in the last six months, in addition to the random tour stops she has made (with friends and family) to support her boyfriend.



You can’t deny it … they do make a very cute couple!



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