Well ladies and gents, Ed Sheeran has done it AGAIN!

He played another incredible show at the ACC tonight! What can we say…? Two Ed’s are better then one!



Not only were Ed’s vocals on point, but his rap game was absolutely INSANE!! Lets just say he’s the ginger version of Eminem. Everyone in the audience was in awe hearing his ballads, but also realizing that he’s truly a one man show. He created his own beats and backup vocals by using a loop station.


Killing it, Ed! #ISeeFire #edsheeran

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Of course, Ed sang all his classics like “Thinking Out Loud”, and “Photograph”, and he also blended his own songs! Check out this clip of Ed blending ‘Don’t” and “New Man”!


When @teddysphotos blends #Don't and #NewMan live at the ACC! #ThenAndNow

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Everyone in the ACC was truly feeling the love, especially when Ed mentioned to everyone in attendance that he feels the same love for his Toronto fans as he does when he’s back home in the UK. Who knows if he’s just ‘Thinking Out Loud’, but we don’t mind the complement.


Toronto night #2 !

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Damnit Maurie was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the lovely Ginger Prince tonight before the show! Lets just say things got a little cozy…tune in Monday morning to Roz & Mocha to hear Dammit Maurie’s exclusive interview with Ed!



I know I just saw him twice in a row, but honestly… I cannot wait for Ed to come back to Toronto! One of the best concerts I’ve EVER attended!

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