Ed Sheeran is still riding high of the recent success of his album, ‘Divide’ , but it would appear as though the ‘Shape of You’ singer is teasing us with details about his forthcoming project.

Now, firstly when it comes to a name, Ed likes to follow a similar pattern involving math; his first studio album was called ‘Plus’ (+), his second, ‘Multiply’ (x) and the aforementioned, ‘Divide’, so it stands to reason that the next album will be called, ‘Subtract’ or ‘Minus’ right?

Ed alluded to as much when he was asked that by UK’s The Sun, “It’s within that vein”.

He also revealed that he’s already been working on the album and has nearly half a dozen songs ready to go, “I’ve been working on this one since the same time as ‘Plus’. Every year I write a song that will go on it. So I have about six, seven at the moment.”

Could we get some collaborations on this project? Well, if you listen to what Ed has been saying, it appears as though he’s big fans of DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber (whom he’s written songs for in the past).

He said, “Me and DJ Khaled were talking about doing a song but I haven’t had any time to go in the studio, so I missed this album. But hopefully next year. I’m keeping open.”

With regards to the Biebs, Ed told The Sun, “I’m always, always up for working with Bieber…He’s doing a lot of these features then he’s touring. But when he wants to start making another album, I’d love to be involved. I’ve got some ideas. I think he’s really talented. And his head’s screwed on properly now.”

Excited yet?




Well, this may put a bit of a damper on your mood because Ed also said we may have to wait a little while for this, “It will potentially come later, because it’s been about six years in the making and it might be another three or four. So I might put other stuff out before then, just to have something out.”

All good.

In the mean time we will enjoy the sweet sounds that Ed has given us with his latest single, ‘Galway Girl’



More of the story from The Sun, HERE.

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